Day 1: Anchorage

Day 1: Anchorage

The trek starts in Anchorage on a Sunday. This means that you meet your other ‘Trek’-mates at 20:00 hours in the lobby of the hotel. So, that is a relief: you have a great group, all fond of sports, in the middle of nowhere (were did I leave my frisbee?), all anxious to start.

Ok, we meet at 20:05 hours in the bar next door! Everyone tells something about him/herself and why she/he wanted to go on this trek. After that, the driver will tell you something about him/herself, about the trek, the planning for the next day, how dinners are prepared, when shopping is done and all that stuff.

What can you do when you are in Anchorage:

  • If you like shopping, 3rd to 6th street between A- and L-street is the place to be. Stop at the backside of the 5th Avenue Mall. Be aware: it is the last change for you to buy something for the trek (better sleeping bag, hiking shoes). If you are lucky (as we where) your driver will plan an extra stop in Anchorage when you return from Kenai (day 2) to do some shopping. Tip: REI.


  • If you want to ‘dazzle your senses’ go to the Alaska Experience Center. Just close your eyes if the Omnivision motion picture makes you have to pu…


  • If you like culture, go to the Anchorage Museum of History and Artanchor02. This is a good opportunity to learn something about Alaska. In the museum there are a lot of photos about the places where you are heading for, such as Dawson City, Top of the World highway and Delta Junction.

  • If you like to ride on a bike, go and rent one. Need an address? The bike tour shop on 5th between C- and D-street. The bike comes with a helmet and several routes (10 to 15 miles) along the seashore, through the woods and to the moose. This tip is presented to you by Thomas. (Vielen dank)

Tip: Every hotel has a street map of Anchorage from Thrifty Car rental (no, this is not a commercial, but they are for free!), and on the B-side there is a map of Southern Alaska and the whole of Alaska. You can use this map for almost every day on this trip.

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