Day 3, 4 and 5: Denali National Park


This park is GREAT. The first thing to do is: go to the Visitor Center. In this park there are a lot of things you can (and can not) do, so get informed. When we arrived at the park, we had some rain. After a nice cold shower we made a camp-fire. With the soft murmur of the Nenana river, a train at 10 o’clock every evening it is cosy.

The second day the weather was a little bit better. We took the bus to Eielsen Visitors Center (about 3.5 hours). If you see an animal, just yell “STOP, animal at 2 o’clock” and the driver will hold. But do not jump out of the bus and run towards the animal. Just slight the window gently down, whisper, look and take your shot. If not, the animal will run. There are a lot of animals in this park. Some of animals we saw on the bus-ride to Eielson Visitor Center were moose, squirrels, Grizzly bears, squirrels, wolf, squirrels, foxes, squirrels, caribou, squirrels and some dall sheep.

When you return from the bus-tour, stop at the sled-dog demonstration.

denali03 squirrel moose

In the evening we had some lovely spagetti Germanese. You’ve never tasted something like this! Well, we had had some beers, so it tasted great.

And for you sports: if you enjoy a hike, this is the one for you: the Mount Healy Trail. It starts at the Denali Park Hotel parking lot and has a total length of 5 miles (8 km). If you arrive at the top, you are rewarded with a great view of several squirrels and some bloody tourists:


When you are ready with the trail, the (second!) nicest thing you is this. Yep, we enjoyed it very much.




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