Day 6: TOK (Delta Junction)


When cruising through the Alaska Ranges, you must be aware that it is not that comfortable. But the metalled road is quit good and on several places men are still improving it. In Delta Junction we took a left to Tok, Highway #3 to #2, better know as the Alaska Highway. I have tried to create a general view of the area:

shozoshoOk, I did a lousy job. But it is just that you can see how it is up there. The views are really spectacular. When you are on the top of a hill, you want to make a picture, when you are in the valley, you want to make a picture, when you go up the hill, yes, you want to make a picture. The photo to the right is not totally honest. We all slept for several minutes to several hours in the van.

The photographers, streching their legs:deltaj04Great views:tok01Now you know your on top:tok02

Along this road, you can see a part of the Trans Alaska Pipeline.

pipelineOn this picture you must look at the car in the front. This shows how big it really is. Later that day we reached Tok. In the evening we saw the Nothern Lights: spectacular.

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