Day 7 and 8: Dawson City


We left Tok to go to Dawson City, Canada. The metalled road (again, but more bumpy than yesterday) is the Taylor Highway and is only open in summer. Near Tetlin Junction, we took a right to Dawson City. This road is called Top of the World Highway and is only open in summer and leads you to the metropolis Chicken: a gift shop (of course), a saloon and a cafe. At the border there was this sign (when you are coming from the other side of course): alaska00

When you cross the border, keep in mind that it is only open from 8am till 8pm. The passport stamp is neat. Be sure you get one.


To cross the Yukon rivier a ferry will take you to and from Dawson every hour of the day and is free of charge(!).

There is a possibility to visit an old dredge. This wil take you about half an hour to drive but it is worth it.


If you want to wash yourself: with water from a creek and a Mag-Lite, photo’s will follow… Sadly enough this was the day we heard Princes Diana died. 

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