Day 9: Whitehorse


Today we made a short sideleap to “civilisation”. We where going to visit Whitehorse for a couple of hours, our first big city after Anchorage. Lateron the van brought us to the Sky High ranch and Fish Lake.

The weather was getting better now. At noon we made a short stop and had a very nice picknic.


And just a few paces away was this nice view of the area:

whiteh02 whiteh03

And now for something completely different: Whitehorse. Named after a white horse (I think). What about shopping? No problemo, our chauffeur told us. There are plenty of shops over there. But… today it is 1st September, which means Labour Day, the only day that nobody works. That’s why they call it Labour Day. Well, at least some restaurants were not closed. Had some (excellent) Italian food in a restaurant run by Chinese people. Maybe it was the superb Dutch beer they served.

Things we did in Whitehorse: celebrating Labour Day (1st monday in september, everything was closed, grrr…) and brought a visit to the S.S. Klondike!


I have some information about this SteamShip: it is painted in white. If you like to have more information, mail me or search the Internet.

At Fish Lake we were welcomed by a Bald Eagle. When we entered our campground, it looked at us and decided to fly away. Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it is, it is… a Bald Eagle. After pitching our tents, we wanted to see the horses for our horseback riding tour. But no ma’am. Our ride was double booked, and we where the second group.
“Sorry guys, maybe later on the evening. Hmm, no, better not. When this group returns, it will be too late to go again, and it is not fair for the horses. Maybe tomorrow morning, or else later in our holiday…”. Well, ok.

Just like the last two days, we are invited to do our “job” in a big hole. And yes, the only bath-tub has the exact size of the Lake. We just started to walk around the lake and enjoyed it. As you know, it is not getting dark until 23:00 hours. Picture:


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