Day 10: Boya Lake


When we were awake, the temperature was below zero. Everything (well, almost) was frozen. The sky was clear, but it was hard to get the tents into their bags!

Buying dinner: on our way to Boya Lake, we made a short stop in Tesling to grab something to eat.

A little bit further down the road we visited the only forest in Canada that is not green: Signpost Forrest. More than 36,000 signs from all over the world can be found here. Incredible.

If you are lucky, the doors to the “Alaska Highway Dia Show” are closed. Sorry, but not recommended! Why? It is a typical American 2nd World War propaganda movie and nothing more. Do not get me wrong here: the good guys won, but the comments should be a little more normal.

Half an our later it is rainy and we are driving on muddy roads.

One of our ‘crew-members’ has his birthday tomorrow. We are brainstorming about a gift. In a nice little shop we bought him a small moose (moosly) and an Alaskan calendar:


Boya Lake? No, it is Moose Meadows Resort RV Park & Campsite with the same mensroom as we had seen before. Only this time the bottom of the hole was almost within reach…

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