Day 11: Hyder / Steward


Why would anyone go to Hyder? Well, to become Hyderized of course. What is hyderization? You get a small glas with 75% alcohol and a bigger glas of water. Good luck.

Well, we all made it (pfew!).


The road to Hyder is not great and bumpy. On several places the roads get a tune-up. We see a little bear along the road. Stop, photo, but watch it, mama bear is not far away. And Bear glacier is not far away:


The border is open, but there is no one here? The frontier gard has a cold…

We went to Fish Creek (no photos yet, but be patient).

It is raining slightly. We decided to have our dinner in the bar. The backdoor is open and who is there? Yes, a bear. The owner of the bar jumps up and runs to the door, the bear is frightened and runs away, we want to make pictures and run after the bear (these idiots).

I advised our driver Vance to drive the van a little bit further away. There was a little bear who climbed into a pole and onto our van looking for something to eat. When he (or she) heared someone, he got of and vanished into the bushes. Vance said: ‘Ok, shure, yeah, you are pulling my leg‘. But when I showed him my ‘serious’ face and said ‘well, its your car’ and he then slightly drove it away just a little bit…

What, you do not believe me. Look at the next picture, look at the bear claw on the rear end and the basket on the ground.


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