Day 14: Wells Gray


We visited the Wells Gray Ranch at Clearwater in Wells Gray National Park. The weather is ok. We went for a 3,5 hour ride on horseback (yahoo). “Ok” Ms. Correl said. Ben, you take this horse. Her name is Brandy (!). Do not do this, it will make her angry. And she does not like … Also, do not do … Yeah, this is my lucky day.

We also made a canoe trip. This is an adventure in an adventure. Every pair has one canoe, so you can let your co-paddler do the heavy stuff. When you get the hang of it, it is fun.


Our guide on this trip was Jerry, the man who does not snore. He just talks in his sleep! But he is a great guy and helped us a lot. After about 1.5 hours paddling we got ashore and put up our tents. We had to make dinner and a fire. And if you think that the girls made dinner and the guys a fire, you are absolutely right.

“Watch out for them bears”: beararea

Our refugee:


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