Day 16: Vancouver


Today we have to sit down in the van for quit a while. We are on Highway number 5, passing Kamloops. In Meritt the van stops for a quick oil-change. This gives us an opportunity to grab a bite. And luckely the weather is great, so we lay down on the gras and collect sunbeams. On our way to Vancouver, we took some panoramic photos with Mt. Baker. Hopefully they will turn out great… At least, we are not sitting in the van.

We arrive in Surrey and head for the Tynehead RV Camp (16275 102 Ave.). Because we left this morning at 8 o’clock we are here early in the afternoon and have enough time to explore Vancouver. We visited the Harbour Centre Tower (adults $ 8.-). This gives you a nice view of the city. After that we went to Robson Square and Stanley Park.

In the evening we all go to spagfactthe Old Spagetti Factory.After the Italian food, we got in a bar for some live music.

Later, we went back to the RV Camp. Mmmm, bad new: we only have one bottle of beer (on the wall) and have to share it with the six of us. Panic starts!

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