Day 20 and 21: SF


The end, the holidays are over. It’s done, finished. But, your tired and want to have a little rest! There are a lot of things to do in SF.

When we arrived on Friday, we did this:


And saw this:


Yep, that was really nice. Do not forget to swallow some anti-sea-sick pills! And on the boat it can be cold, so take some extra clothes with you.

The next day you can…

  • …go shopping on Market Street,
  • …see the big trees in Muir Woods (recommended),
  • …go for a walk in a park,
  • …sleep during the morning (also recommended),
  • …go to Alcatraz, Fishermans Wharf, the Japanese Garden, the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Lombard Street, take a cable car, etc.

Tip: do not think that on your last day you have to get rid of all your dollars. Save some money for the taxi or shuttle bus to the airport. And do not forget the tip for the driver.

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