Alaska and Canada


The 1997 holiday: Alaska and Canada

Ok, you have come this far. What’s on this page? Well, a lot of information for you when you want to go on this (or another) trip to Alaska or West-Canada. If you want more information about the trip, you can always mail me, go to the Suntrek home page, search the Internet (!) and read books about these places.

On this page there are notes I made during and after the trip. sledeho

When: 24th of August – 13th of September 1997.

Where: We started in Anchorage (Alaska), then went to Yukon (Canada), British Columbia, Washington (USA), Oregon and California where it ended in San Francisco (USA).

Company: Suntrek (or Arke/My Way for Dutch folks).

The trip: Trek 310 (See the map on the previous page).

The team (well, almost everybody):


Free tips for your holiday:

  • What do I need on this holiday? Clean clothes for about 1½ week. Four camp-sites had possibilities to turn your white clothes into light-blue, light-green, etc. There were also dryers. The machines do not accept credit cards, only quarters.
  • What do I need more? Well, there can be a lot of mosquitos, the sun can be very intens and the air is very dry. See below.
  • What is the best way to phone home? If your name isn’t ET, then the best solution is the ‘Long Distance Phone Card’. To obtain information, write to the next address: P.O. Box 12109, La Jolla, CA 92039 in America, or use the telephone: 1-619-558-3337, or through Internet on page

One week before departure you will get a folder from Suntrek with some information about the trek. Your travel agency will also give you some additional information. It is not my purpose to repeat this on these pages.

But I have to give you some more tips. Use a credit card (and double check if you have it with you at the airport…). This is very convenient in America and Canada, and take some cash with you (e.g. $ 200.-). Or, of course, some traveller cheques.


  • An insect repellent. If you are here in autumn, you will ‘bear’ly need it, but buy it anyway! E.g. “Off! Skintastic” but buy one without a scent.
  • Suntan lotion. The sun is much brighter than you think!
  • Lip balm. This is against chapped lips, because the air is very dry. E.g. “Carmex for-cold-sores”

The spirit of adventure is what makes happy lives (Dame Freya Star)

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