Tom Denali


This song below was made by ‘Tom Denali’, our singer / songwriter / pianoplayer after the holiday. The text is given below, the music can be downloaded here or listen directly (press left on the bar below).


“Fight the bear”

When every day was a day and our lifes were just lifes
we all had deserved a vacation.
We took a trek to the sun, for adventure and fun
three weeks of utter sensation.

And the guide for the trek said he’ll be back
in a minute, well, thanks in advance.
Always sleepy he was, even driving the bus
he never awoke from his trance.

And there beyond every fence we found freedom and friends,
we silently sat by the fires.
And the moods and the moose, Jacky Dan, barley juice
relentlessly fed our desires.

And a lady so big, a very mad chick,
haunted my dreams of the alps.
A husband to find was on her mind,
but weren’t we all seeking as well?

(Chorus:) Bears and dear, waters clear —
sleep underneath stars and moon.
Call these times back into your minds,
or they start fading too soon!

And a lady in red she never ate
anything except vedges and bread.
And a down under mate never said us good night
before she had one for the bed.

Bears and dear … (Chorus)

It leaves a hole in my heart and a hole in my soul
a pain of which I’ll never recover.
And this burning inside, everyday all through the nights
makes me feel like a left alone lover.

And our friend from Japan, a very strong man,
told us that he’d fight the bears.
But after the fight, on the last night
I saw his eyes filled with tears.

But the pain will be mending too soon…
‘cause everything’s ending too soon…
And it starts fading – too soon…


Produced, arranged, composed by Tom Denali (yes ladies, he is available:o)
More to come!

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